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Fly reel TRYST Aluminium


This is what the new TRYST fly reel series from Vosseler looks like. Noble in material and appearance,

exceptional in design and functionality. It was not without reason that the TRYST

awarded the "BestNewFlyReel" award at EFFTEX 2011.

Line Weight



  • This is what the new TRYST looks like. Noble in material and appearance, extraordinary in design and functionality.

  • Tryst - a word from Old English - means meeting, meeting, rendezvous.

  • And that describes it exactly. This is where what does not naturally belong together, but which gives an exciting new meaning in the interplay of form and function.

  • Lightness meets stability, classic curves meet high-tech carbon, polished aluminum paired with a strictly symmetrical roller cage.

  • TRYST is like no other. Perhaps not for everyone, but definitely one of the most extraordinary fly reels there is.

  • Their excellent * design makes fishing a real appearance from now on. In Scottish, TRYST also means something like "a specific place to hunt".

  • What are you waiting for?

    TECHNICAL DATA TRYST aluminum series

    Modell Capacity Reel Diameter Hub Diameter Spool width Weight
    TRYST 3/4 to WF4 20lbs Backing ca. 50m 88mm 44mm 28,5mm 140gr.
    TRYST 5/6 to WF6 20lbs Backing ca. 60m 93mm 45mm 28,5mm 145gr.
    TRYST 7/8 to WF8 20lbs Backing ca. 70m 98mm 45mm 28,5mm 149gr.