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Fly reel DC² by Vosseler
  • Fly reel DC² by Vosseler
  • Fly reel DC² by Vosseler

Fly reel DC²


The DC series in luxury equipment. Sporty and elegant design, gripping and indestructible.

With the DC 2 fly reels from Vosseler you buy a symbiosis of use and design, manufactured according to the latest standards and adapted to all requirements and requirements of fly fishing and sea fishing.

Line Weight



4-7 Days
  • No question, this piece of jewelry satisfies the highest fly fishing demands in the disciplines of dry fly fishing, light sea fishing or just standing in the showcase and looking good ...

  • Perfect braking system, timeless 5-spoke design, subtle trigger click, noble surface treatment.

  • As beautiful as it is, it is also suitable. Last but not least, she impressed her fans with her everyday qualities: tough to take, tough to give. How it is fitting for a decent high-tech product, which with a weight of just under 150 grams tends to resist even the most grumpy hunting fish.

  • You can have it!

Modell Capacity Reel Diameter Hub Diameter Spool Diameter Weight
DC² 3/4 to WF4 20lbs Backing ca. 50m 77mm 46mm 28,5mm 133gr.
DC² 5/6 to WF6 20lbs Backing ca. 60m 87mm 52mm 28,5mm 149gr.
DC² 7/8 to WF8 20lbs Backing ca. 70m 97mm 56mm 28,5mm 161gr.